Saturday, December 4, 2010

~ islamic-youth-awakening ~

-- reviving islamic spirit --

Greetings without visa passport golf colour to humanity,
people, of all continents.

Islam giving every man woman and child equality irrespective of caste, creed, ethnicity and color..
Islam a complete way of life calling humanity to the worship of one perfect God who is flawless..
Islam enlightening humanity and spreading the message of peace throughout the world..

Islamic community, the best community, enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong, ever mindful of God..
One God one community, people from all across the world are united by the power of Islam..
Islamic Empire, an empire founded simply on faith, stretching from Malaysia in the west to Spain in the west..
Conquests, charged with the power of faith, the Muslims brought the messages of Islam to the world..

Muslim brothers, brave, noble and chivalrous..
Muslim brothers, ever striving for the cause of Islam, living their lives by the will of God..
Muslim brothers give respect to Muslim sisters and work for the Islamic revival..
Muslim sisters, respected, charitable, modest and spiritual..
Muslim sisters, noble, wise and caring..
Muslim sisters, observe the Hijab, a symbol of spirituality and modesty,
And remaining true to their faith..

Spiritual Islam, transforming our lives and filling our hearts with divine contentment..
Glorious Islam, cleansing our souls and guiding our lives..
Beautiful Islam, enriching our heart with the beauty of Islam and the love of Allah..
Across the world people are answering the call of Islam..
No borders no visas no different no barriers..
United Muslims the great Muslim Umma on the verge of revival and awakening..
Rekindle the spirit of Islam..

Experience true happiness and peace of mind trough family values..
Promote Islam identity through education..
Experience a spiritual awakening..
Revive a divine connection..

Prayer identity of Muslims..
Commit yourself the five daily prayers, prayer will elevate, inspire, unite and enlighten us..
Recite the glorious Quran..
Start reading the glorious Quran today, guidance for the wise and sensible..
Find true guidance and answers trough the noble Quran..
Strengthen the community through the Mosque..

Islam the most beautiful and exquisite guidance sent by god for all mankind..
Muhammad (pbuh) the most noble, wise, and compassionate, the last and most beloved prophet of God..
Start your day in the name of Allah, by cleansing your soul, through wudu'.. 
Strengthen your faith five times a day..

Reflect on the state of the Umma, play your part in the Islamic revival..
Only through faith and reason can we regain our past glory..
Return to Allah, return to Islam, Allah’s mercy awaits you..
Bring back Islam in your life, on this day commit yourself to the guidance of Islam,

O Allah, let us stand together to overcome the challenges facing the Muslim umma.. Ameen 

"Sesungguhnya Allah mengasihi orang-orang yang berperang untuk membela ugamaNya, dalam barisan yang teratur rapi, seolah-olah mereka sebuah bangunan yang tersusun kukuh." (61:4)

"Andai Islam seperti sebuah bangunan usang yang hampir roboh, maka akanku berjalan ke seluruh dunia mencari jiwa-jiwa muda. Aku tidak ingin mengutip dengan ramai bilangan mereka, tapi aku inginkan hati-hati yang ikhlas untuk membantuku dan bersama membina kembali bangunan usang itu menjadi sebuah bangunan yang tersergam indah.." (hassan al- banna)

----Muslim are not perfect Islam is----

-berusaha menjadi generasi al- Quran yang unik-


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