Monday, December 6, 2010

~ unDeR c0nsTruCtion ~

-- refinement of soul --

Change after change I have to do..
I need to refine my soul,
And I need to refine my attitude,
And I need to refine my appearance,
And I need to control my actions,
And I need to concern of the Tabarruj,
And I need to aware of Ikhtilat,
And I need to take care of others feelings,
And I need to watch out each single step I take,
And I need to work out more effort for Islam and dakwah,
And yes, it’s not easy, to make a single change..
But what a super great feeling Allah give for those whoever make it..
May Allah guide you and me..

..Terus berusaha dan istiqamah, that’s the best..

"Allah mengilhamkan sukma kefasikan dan ketaqwaan, Beruntung bagi yang mensucikan-Nya,
Merugi bagi yang mengotori-Nya" (91:8-10)

~~ Lighten up the light, tear down the darkness ~~

-----------------------------------the soul is under construction-----------------------------------

passion, drive and dedication, 
you know what it makes..
--salam maal hijrah 1432 H--